Differin: The FDA Approved Treatment of Acne


Galderma UK Limited is the manufacturer of brand Differin gel (in its basis is used generic medication known as Adalapene). The only indication for the use of brand Differin is monotherapy of acne vulgaris (only topical treatment). Many scams online offer to buy Differin pills but the only way to apply this medication is topically. The manufacturer supplies the medication as a gel or under the title Differin cream (0.1 %) - these are different names for the same medication approved for the regular use by the Food and Drug Administration of USA. Be careful - buy brand Differin for successful acne treatment.

Differin Review

Uses and dosage guidelines for Differin

Healthcare providers strongly recommend using Differin only for treating mild to moderate acne. It is forbidden to treat any other skin infections or diseases with Differin.

To apply this medication you need to visit a therapist and ask for his advice. Also it won't be unnecessary to read the leaflet's instruction before applying. Usually you need to do the following to apply Differin gel correctly:

  • Before going to bed wash your face or other acne-diseased areas with soap or cleanser. Then dry with a towel;
  • Carefully apply a thin layer of the cream to the cleaned area and gently rub it;
  • Avoid the gel contact with eyes, lips and nostrils;
  • It is forbidden to apply Differin more than once per day;
  • Never apply the medication to the sunburnt skin;
  • Avoid using sun lamps or visiting tanning salons while applying Differin.

Please, bear in mind that this preparation was created only for external use.

Differin: efficacy of mechanism of action

The main advantage of applying Differin is that it works really in a different way that most topical acne medications do. Differin's active ingredients avert the blockage of sebaceous glands usually caused by acne vulgaris. In such way pores become clear from excessive skin's natural oils. The formation of blackheads and spots is also averted if you regularly use Differin.

Precautions and side effects referred to the use of Differin

The strongest precaution for Differin is to follow is that it can be applied by children who are younger than 12 years old. There are also cases what Differin can't be applied with caution and few disorders that prevent from using it at all.

When to use Differin with caution:

  • If you have recently finished acne treatment with similar topical preparations;
  • If you have hypersensitive skin.

When you can't use Differin:

  • If you have allergy to any of its components - especially to methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218);
  • If you suffer from eczema;
  • If you are currently pregnant or breast-feeding.

Medics also recommend avoiding the application of this preparation to the irritated or damaged skin with open wounds.

Also keep in mind that it is possible apparent exacerbation of acne during the early weeks of treatment with Differin. It is normal and such symptom should not worry you. The therapeutic effect from using Differin is usually revealed only after 8-12 weeks of regular usage.

However, like all medications, Adalapene can cause certain side effects that may reveal in an individual way for each patient. However, there are the most common adverse reactions of Differin and they include:

  • Dryness of skin;
  • Redness;
  • Irritation or severe peeling;
  • Burning and other unpleasant sensation of the skin.

At once you notice any signs of Differin side effects please ask for a medical assistance immediately.

Drug interactions of Differin gel

Never combine using Differin with skin preparations, cosmetic products, soaps or cleansers that contain alcohol or astringents since such combination may trigger the severe skin irritation. Also avoid applying Differin along with any other topical skin medications recommended for acne treatment.