Skin Care

Skin of an adult consists of more than 300 million cells, living about 1 month. It's no secret that skin is among few organs, which cells die and exfoliate gradually.

Yet not many know that within a year, about 500 grams of dead cells peel off the human skin. It means that during this renewal process the skin is subject to constant changes every year. Moreover these changes become irreversible with time.

Thus, beauty, elasticity and youth of the skin are affected by both aging, environmental changes and lifestyle equally. Therefore in order to keep the skin young, people should not limit their skin care routine by just using some different skin care products, but also:

  • to eat healthy food and be physically active;
  • to drink sufficient amount of water throughout a day.

Everybody, who wants to keep his skin young by means of skin care products, must be aware that skin consists of several layers. So, the skin care products should be chosen first of all according to their ability to impact on different types and structure of skin.

Different types of skin care products, influencing on upper layer of the skin (epidermis) can:

  • moisturize and prevent the skin from losing moisture;
  • cause antifungal, antibacterial or bactericidal effect;
  • prevent the skin from undesirable sun rays.

Various skin care products, impacting on the middle layer of the skin (dermis) provide:

  • improve the structure of strength of the skin;
  • enhance skin elasticity and firmness;

Skin care products, affecting the lower layer of the skin (hypodermis) are used to:

  • enhance the blood flow in the skin;
  • reconstruct the structure of hair follicles;
  • suppress the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands.

Thanks to skin care products, people manage to maintain beauty and youth of the skin for tens of years. And those people, who ignore the proper skin care in youth, get their skin less elastic, rough and full of deep facial wrinkles with aging. So, in order to keep one's skin young, fresh, healthy and glowing, one should use cleaners, moisturizers and toners on a regular basis.

  • Given that skin renewal process occurs mostly at nighttime, it is recommended to clean the skin of dead cells, sweat and sebaceous secretions in the morning.
  • In the evening, one should carefully clean the skin of makeup and the smallest dust particles, getting from the environment during the day.

Skin care products must be used regularly, not just to clean the upper layer of the skin from dirt, excess sebum and makeup leftovers, but also:

  • to clean up the pores to prevent acne;
  • to protect the skin from water loss and UV impact;
  • to nourish the skin and to prevent its aging.

People with problematic skin are recommended to use skin care products that can:

  • exfoliate the dead cells;
  • stimulate skin regeneration;
  • clean up the deep layers of the skin.

These kinds of skin care products usually contain some active pharmaceutical ingredients, causing a strong cosmetic effect. Therefore they should be used from time to time and only after the consultation with professional cosmetologist.

One should take into account that if skin care products contain only herbal remedies, they can provide with rejuvenation effect only with regular use within a few months.

One more important aspect: the skin care products for adults must never be used for cleaning, moisturizing and toning of the children's skin. Actually, children's skin has got poorly developed elastic and muscle fibers, plus there are many sebaceous glands on it.

Thus, adults should keep their children away from their skin care products. But in case a child needs a skin care, one should use special skin care products, recommended by practicing pediatricians.